Carpet Care And Maintenance

How to retain the beauty of your carpet and how long you can make it last, will depend on how well you take care of it. Proper cleaning is essential to making your carpets last longer and looking brand new all the time. The question is do we need professional carpet cleaning? or will home remedy solutions do the trick?

Getting the wrong advice and using the wrong solutions can do more damage than solve your carpet stain problems.

Steps For The Right Carpet Care

Vacuum Cleaning

Carpets that experience the most foot traffic on a daily basis needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis. Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, choose a vacuum cleaner that has good reviews and ratings. There are those with the seal of approval ratings and certifications.

Vacuum daily for high traffic areas, twice a week for medium traffic and once a week for light traffic areas.

When you vacuum, the best way is to go about it slowly and steadily. Keep an eye on the corners and portions where dust builds up. Replace vacuum bags when they are full. Regular vacuuming can help in the improvement of air quality in the room.

Clean Spots Quickly

With the advent of technology, there are now stain resistant carpets available in the market today which makes getting rid of spots and stains easier than ever. This is good news, but carpets are not stain proof.

It is important to get rid of spills and stains in your carpet as quickly as possible. Choose products that do not damage the carpet further, nor cause the stain to spread even more.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Only professional carpet cleaning companies can offer a deep cleaning service. This should be done every 12 to 18 months to help maintain your carpet and make it last longer. Dirt and grime that are deeply embedded will be removed with this kind of service.

Use Mats On Doorsteps

Prevention is always better than cure. This is also the case when it comes to having your carpets stained. Placing floor mats outside and in can help reduce the chances of staining your carpet. Leaving shoes outside and replacing air filters regularly can also help in reducing particles that carpets absorb like dust and pollen.

Tips For Pet Owners

Pet owners always think about getting professional carpet cleaning services. This may cost a lot, so it would be great to know some tips on how to maintain our carpets when we have pets around often.

Pet owners need to vacuum their carpet more frequently to get rid of pet hair and dander from fur. This will help those who are allergic to dander and relieve symptoms.

There are a lot of cleaning products that have good reviews and seal of approval certifications that can combat pet stains and odors. Invest in these products to make carpet management easier.

Have your carpet deep cleaned by a professional every 12 months. For pet owners, this may become more frequent than normal.

It is not recommended to use a steam cleaner for urine spots because the heat can make the stain settle and smell. Using a wet vacuum and rinsing with cold water will reduce odor. In extreme cases, professional help may be needed in order to remove pet stains and odors for good.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

For those who are into the do it yourself carpet cleaning you can buy or rent an extractor or steam cleaner. These machines can do the job of cleaning spots and stains but they do not replace a deep cleaning service by a carpet cleaning professional. Here are steps you can follow:

-When starting your carpet cleaning, you should remove your furniture. If they are too heavy to move, plastic films should be placed around the legs of the furniture.

-Vacuum slowly and being careful not to miss spots. Follow instructions on the machine, do not add chemicals or dilute those that are recommended to use with the machine.

-Remember not to clean yourself in a corner, start from the farthest point from the doorway and work on how you can step out when finished.

-Do not over wet your carpet, extract the most water that you can without rushing.

-Wait for the carpet to dry out which is about 6 to 12 hours, before you return the furniture.

-There should be proper ventilation in the area. Open windows or open the air conditioner. Do not close up a room with a wet carpet.

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