Tips On How To Build A 50 Square Meter House

Are you thinking about building your own house? If so, you might just be finding out exactly how costly it is to make your dream home. Space these days is expensive. This is why more and more pt small houses can almost be considered fashionable. If you don’t mind having a more modest home, you’ve come to the rigeople are opting to build small homes that are space-saving. They’re becoming so popular thaht place. In this guide, we’ll be giving you the best tips on how to build a 50 square meter house of your dreams.

Benefits of a 50 Square Meter House

Small houses have become more and more popular in the recent years. This is mainly due to the rising housing prices. But a lot of people also choose to live in smaller houses because it’s a lifestyle choice, a way to live simpler or to become more environmentally efficient. Whatever your reason may be, there are incredible benefits to having a smaller home.

  1. Energy Efficiency – A smaller home is energy efficient because there is less space to heat or cool, leaving less carbon footprint, not to mention a reduced energy bill.
  2. Easy Maintenance – Less space also means it’s more manageable to maintain.
  3. Cost-Effective – Because smaller homes are easier to maintain and require less energy, it also means that they are less expensive to live in.

Tips On How To Build A 50 Square Meter House

Once you’ve considered everything and you’ve decided to build your own 50 square meter house, it’s time to start planning how to make it. Read our tips below.

Check local laws.

Checking legalities is a part of building any house, but laws can be quite tricky when it comes to small houses. In the United States, homeowners choose to build their houses on wheels so they can be classified as camper vans or trailers. However, there are local laws that do allow you to build tiny homes. So before you proceed, check local laws and regulations regarding house sizes and guidelines for smoother homebuilding.

Develop a solid building plan.

Proper planning means good building. This especially applies to smaller houses because they require strategic designing to manipulate the space efficiently. Every square centimeter matters. With a smart building plan, a 50 square meter house can seem bigger. Incorporating things like sliding doors, multi-purpose furniture and storage spaces can really improve the comfort of your small house. It’s imperative that you utilize whatever space you have to ensure that your house can fulfill your needs and comforts.

Don’t make the mistake of keeping everything small.

Having a 50 square meter home doesn’t mean that everything has to be built small. It’s crucial that you don’t shrink spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms, as this profoundly affects your living comfort. Compromise and smart space utilization will help solve this dilemma. Explore multifunctionality. Ask yourself whether each piece of furniture or space can serve multiple purposes. Perhaps you can build a bed that serves as storage, too or a bookshelf that can turn into a desk.

Build a solid roof and foundation.

Foundation, roofing, and your house’s exterior is vital on any home, especially tiny houses. Do you want your house to be easily transportable? If yes, then perhaps choose to build your 50 square meter house on wheels. If you don’t, depending on the legalities, you can build your house in skids, stilts, or post and beams or concrete foundation. Once you’ve considered your foundation plan, the next step is to build the suitable roof for your home. Flat roofs can become a hassle as they can accumulate water and debris. If you want a mobile home, an entire range of environmental concerns should be considered as well.


Careful planning is the key when it comes to building a home as small as 50 square meters. With the steps above, you can build your dream home and reap the benefits like lower maintenance costs and be environmentally conducive.

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