Great Home Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Who doesn’t wish on having your own dream home? This is the type where money is not an issue and you can do whatever you want. You may have outrageous home ideas that you may want to come to reality.

Every person has a unique style and there are so many home ideas that can cater to your every whim and desire. We take a look at great home design fantasies that may cost you a fortune and some that won’t cost that much.

  1. Get Your Own Aquarium Bed

With this aquarium bed headboard, you can find Nemo all you want. This will cost you $11,500 and will surely make your bedroom stand out. This huge 650-gallon aquarium is custom made to give your bedroom that under the sea look. 

  1. Have Your Pool On Your Balcony

What used to be a dream for some is now a reality. A residential condominium project in the Bahamas is now selling apartment complex units with pools on their balconies.

Balcony pools are starting to become a trend when it comes to the upscale apartments and condominiums. Having your own private pool on your balcony is surely an attraction that many new buyers are lining up for. This is a great feat when it comes to design because glass-fronted balconies that can support the weight of pool water is not an easy thing to accomplish. 4 foot deep pools have two 13 inch reinforced concrete slabs which are slanted downwards. These slabs fully support the pools with pump lines running beneath the kitchen. This is connected to the pools filtration systems. $5 million is what you need to shell out in order for you to have a unit at the Honeycomb.

  1. Backyard Cinema

Drive-in movie venues used to be a hit in the past. They are now becoming a dying breed. For those who love and miss that outdoor cinema experience, then we have good news for you.

You can now invest in a home theater system that you can use both indoor and outdoor.

Amazon is now selling a home theater projector that projects a brightness of up to 3000 Lumens. This makes it a great projector for outdoor use. The Optoma HD142X can project images from 66 to 107 inches depending on the distance of the projector to the screen.

Next item to buy is your projector screen. For those with budget constraints, a white sheet will do, but images will not be HD (high definition). The Camp Chef projector screen is a 120-inch screen that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of a reflective Oxford nylon for clearer and sharper images. It weighs 44 pounds and is available on Amazon for $160.

For your sound system, the Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar is your best bet. It is the first soundbar in the world with DTS Virtual. It has Bluetooth music streaming and wireless subwoofer. Easy to set up by HDMI, optical or analog connections. This is a steal at $299

For your movie source, the Roku Streaming Stick is a wireless device that can plug directly into your HDMI port. Roku allows you to get access to streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. There is an app that you can also use on your smartphone. Add this now to your home theater set up at $40.

To complete your backyard cinema experience, you can buy the G4 free outdoor camping chairs. They can hold up to 200 pounds and are made of Oxford cloth with sturdy alloy legs. They can fold up when not in use. $31 per chair.

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